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Thoughts on Shopify vs Amazon vs personal website and dropshipping from Ali Express

Hi, I was just wondering what you guys think about starting a shopify store and fulfilling order through drop-shipping from Ali Express.

I have been following some Youtube channels lately that all strongly advocate the great benefits of dropshipping like its the best thing in the world since sliced bread. I must contest that I have yet to actually start my own store and start importing but it is my opinion that dropshipping is slightly risky and largely unreliable - in terms of shipping times, tracking and product quality. Would it not be better to sign up to Amazon so that you have access to the fulfilment scheme?

I feel like delivery time is such a big factor in todays world and people don't want to wait ages and ages for a product to arrive. I personally would not purchase anything from a shopify store that advertises 2 week shipping. 1 week at the most perhaps. In all likelihood, there will be alternative sellers that have much faster delivery times. Also what margins can you expect from dropshipping?

There is obviously quite strict requirements in terms of cost and efficiency when choosing a product to import and it usually. These guys on youtube tell us to "go on Aliexpress and import the top listed product with thousands of sales" because its a guaranteed 100% to sell! I call slight bs because these markets must be saturated - also it just seems a little too easy. My idea is just to start up on Amazon and maybe build a personal site during this time, and then provide a link from the Amazon store to try and get a little free traffic. What is your take? Thanks in advance
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