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60 days Extended Shopify Free

edited April 27 in eCommerce

The power of Startups in North East is already showing itself!

Because of the strength in OUR numbers, we were able to negotiate a full 2-MONTH FREE TRIAL for you to use Shopify!

AND... a 10% discount after the 2 months!

This gives you the opportunity to get your store up and running and profitable before any fees hit.

You must sign up a new store using the link below in order to qualify, & Take Massive Action before they close this coupon for us!


Here are the notes from my conversation with the Shopify Team:

  • The Promo is good for 10% off Shopify for life and 60 day extended trial
  • Please keep this behind a “fence” (FB group, email, login etc), so no link on anything public facing
  • We cannot mention the Shopify promo in any paid ads, the promo can be mentioned on a landing page or site after paid ads. - This must be kept private to our group only!
  • Please educate our members on these things about the promo/link - We don't want to lose it!
  • People will not see the trial time change or the price change anywhere until after they go to pay after trial
  • Does not apply to Starter, Plus or Annual plans - Only applies to new plans
  • Please have users clear their cookies/cache prior to clicking the link to sign up to ensure it tracks
Here is our 60-Day Free Trial Link

(clear cookies to ensure you get the full trial)
(the screen will show a 14-day trial, but as long as you use the link, it will extend to 60 days!)

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