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Best online business which can give a monthly income of $1000 a month?


There are various business models that can bring you $1,000 a month but I will give you a business model that has worked for me and many others. Also it’s very easy to begin with and requires no programming skill or any specialized skill set for that matter. You just need to have some patience and decent addition/subtraction skills.

The business model I present to you is starting your own Amazon FBA selling business. FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. What this means is you provide inventory to Amazon for certain products of your choosing and send it to an Amazon warehouse. Once Amazon receives it they will take care of things like advertising, customer support, and selling the item itself. Let’s go a bit more in-depth now.

Let’s say you find a toy that costs $5 at And then you do some searches on Amazon and you see that same toy is being sold for $20 on Amazon. As you can see there is a potential $15 profit margin. However, there are fees as you may have predicted. Because it’s Fulfillment by Amazon, they will charge some fees for their service. But remember, they are doing the hard work which is advertising, storage, customer support, and selling the item. You don’t have to deal with any of that. Amazon charges a small fee based on the items price and weight. Also there is shipping costs for you when you send products to Amazon. But when you sign up for an Amazon sellers account you will have the option to use UPS which is Amazon’s partner carrier and they have great shipping rates for merchants. I’ve shipped items for as low as $0.30 which is basically shipping heaven for every merchant. Anyways, you can expect the fees to be around $5 which include shipping fees. And let’s say your down to a $10 profit margin now. So each unit can make you a $10 profit. Now imagine selling 10–20 units of these. That’s an easy $100–200 profit. However, this is 1 product imagine listing multiple products with multiple units you can eventually scale this to a full time job or business.

One thing I feel I should mention and is probably on everyone’s minds is “How the hell do I find these products?” Well my answer to you is you can choose to do manual sourcing or sign up with a sourcing service. Manual sourcing will involve you going to retailer websites such as Walmart, BestBuy, etc… and searching through their catalogs and thousands of products and cross referencing them with Amazon’s catalog to see if they are profitable. Although, finding one or even 2 products which are profitable can be extremely tedious and take up days of your time. And when you find the item you will realize it’s out of stock because someone probably got there before you. So now you just wasted a ton of time. Because I’m a college student I no longer do manual sourcing because it’s just a waste of my time and remember time is money. What I recommend instead is sign up to a reliable sourcing service that does the research for you and sends you profitable products sell. This saves me a ton of time and cuts down my daily work time from like 10 hours to 2 hours which is extremely valuable to me.

Anyways I hope you or anyone else looking to make income online will keep this business model in your arsenal of income sources. It’s always good to have multiple revenue streams and this business model can be one of them and is very easy to start and has low startup costs. I personally started this model with only $500 and flipped that investment to $850 within a week of working and selling items. I recommend starting with $500–700 at least as there are some startup costs the first time you do this.

If you or anyone has questions you are welcome to message me with your questions. Good luck and happy profits!

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