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How you can determine a business is a Good business?

edited April 15 in Startups

Hi there! In my opinion, to be considered as a good business, several objectives have to be met.

1 - The business has to respect the environment

Nowadays, with global warming, having an ecological business is primordial. To be considered as a good business, your company should take into account this aspect. For instance it can set up ecological offices. In Tokyo, a company grows rice in the lobby. In addition to be considered as a good business, your company will benefit from many advantages. For instance it will be promoted by numerous media channels because of its edge. For instance a company set up a ‘blue oil’. It is based on micro algaes which become oil by consuming CO2. This company has been promoted by many articles. It is free publicity. You can also benefit from many tax incentives.

2 - The business has to take into account the welfare of the population

To be considered as a good business, the company has to treat well its employees, respects their privacy and takes into account their welfare. For instance, in many law firms or bank institutions, the employees have to work until late hours all the week and even the weekend.

3 - The business has to be financially stable

The business needs to be successful and having a good turnover in order to pay its employees and invest in different fields. With this money, it can also give to charity or set up its own association.

If the company succeeds in meeting all these objectives, it will be considered as a good business.

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