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If you had £10 and 24 hours to legally turn it into £100, what would you do?

edited April 15 in General

Buy two plastic chairs, large poster board and a marker.

  1. Find an area with some shade (and moderate walk through traffic).
  2. Scribble on the poster board "FREE 10 minute Consultation, for ANY PROBLEM. If you've got a problem, I've got a solution"
  3. Since it's free, you don't charge anything to your "clients". You do however accept donations. You can say something along the lines of "If we were able to come up with a good solution for your problem, feel free to donate"
  4. Once you've gathered up a few dollars, simply purchase a few water bottles, or soda, and then hand them out to people who make small/large donations/contributions to the cause. Refreshments would keep you hydrated as well.
  5. If you want repeat clients, buy a pack of index cards and scissors while you're at it. Cut index cards in half, write a quote on one side.. along the lines of "Inside of every problem lies an opportunity." On the other side, write your name and phone number (or your consultation location)

Overheads are minimal, and if you can genuinely solve problems without thinking of the donations/contributions, some good people will donate. Depending on their problems and your solutions, your donations could easily exceed the £100 goal, and rather fast. The best thing would be though, is you are providing a free service to better the world, and that would easily catch wind.
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